Translation of Media Content, PR and Corporate Communication

Certified translations are based on the Justice Remuneration Act – JVEG.

We also offer creative content, translation and journalistic-editorial texts:

  • Editorial text from 0,12 EUR / word*
  • New texts with research from 0,12 EUR / word
  • Proofreading / text revision from 0,08 EUR / word
  • Corrections from 6,30 EUR per standard page (1500 characters)
  • Translation from 0,12 EUR to 0,16 EUR / word
  • Languages: German, English, Danish in all combinations
  • Danish & other Scandinavian languages from 0.12 EUR per word
  • Authorization per document: from 10 EUR
  • Other languages ​​on request

(* All prices are net, plus the legal VAT)

Proofreading and corrections start with an order value of 20,- € and with an amount of
6,30 EUR to 20,- EUR per standard page, which is calculated with 1500 signs.

We therefore always calculate by word / line / standard page without an hourly rate, unless explicitly agreed beforehand, and then in written contract form.

Texts are always to be calculated individually, therefore these are guideline values.

(Standard line = 55 signs)

Please contact us for further information or to receive a non-binding quote.

office @